The Daily Post on Wednesday 19 February carried an article titled “Rongdal School Balances Education with Reality”.

We have had a long association with Rongdal School and can confirm that they are achieving a standard that is similar to ours at Pikinini Playtime. This is a remarkable achievement by Mr Max Niptik and his staff and is the result of many years of hard work.

The standard demonstrated by Rongdal stands in stark contrast to the other schools in the area where it is common to find students in Classes 3 and 4 that are still struggling to read and write.

Rongdal started with minimal resources, but with sound teacher training and a quality curriculum it is now proving that commitment and hard work can produce high quality results.

If a small school like Rongdal can achieve such high standards then why can’t every school? We would encourage parents to carefully consider what they want for their children’s future.

If our children are going to be able to compete and prosper in an increasingly complex world then we need every school to provide students with a high-quality education.

Sadly, in Vanuatu today, Rongdal School is a rare exception and many schools fall far short of the standard required.

I would appeal to all those who are standing for election in March to give education in Vanuatu the highest priority as a dramatic improvement is urgently needed.

Mr Niptik and Rongdal School are proving that it can be done.

Tony Batten

Pikinini Playtime

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