Dear Editor,

Mi wantem givim tingting blo mi lo topik ia antap, we I stap olsem wan hedlaen blong stori long Daily Post Isiu no. 5842.

Chairman blong Vanuatu Christian Council, bifo yu discribem Vanuatu olsem disturbing stone country from we hemi I disturbem ol country araon lo wol from kes blong West Papua, yu mas lukluk gud fastem long country blong yumi. Yumi kat fulap crime. Matthew 7, ves 3.

Taem yu luk wol news I fulap long trabol nomo, yu luk killing mo manifestesen.

Be wan wan country I dil wetem problem blong hem. Ol nara country olsem New Caledonia tu oli wantem freedom blong ol.

Ol country araon long yumi oli save se yumi kat problem long country blong yumi.

I no gud oli talem se man oli kat problem nomo, be oli pushum nose blong olgeta I kam. Matthew 15: 14, mi lavem yu, mi no critisasem yu be yu save se wan day bambae God I askem yu mo bae yu mas ansa.

Wan big denomination we I stap inside long body ya Vanuatu Christian Council – Catholic — oli kaikai body blong Christ be oli no dring blad blong hem (holy communion) we I talem se hemia new covenant wetem blad blong mi.

I Corinthians 11: 15.

Dear Pasta, yu kat fulap work.

Concerned Citizen

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