Dear Editor,

The Municipality in their collective wisdom have imposed charges for parking on the waterfront in the C.B.D.

They have issued a document to businesses whereby, for a considerable amount of money paid up front, plus a bond in case the said business people damage a parking space, they will then have the right to park a vehicle but only for a limited time.

Now my memory may not be what it used to be, so could someone please advise me as to the following.

The boundaries of the Municipality were set in the 1981 declaration. When were they changed? The custom ownership of the reclaimed waterfront is currently before the courts. Did the court give permission to the Municipality to collect this money to be held in trust for the successful claimant should there be one? On the issue of damages.

As the Municipality has “taken possession” of this land, have they taken out public liability cover for accidents, such as slippery concrete where a tourist or even a lowly citizen is hurt.?

If the Municipality is not acting within the law such claims could be against Mayor and Councillors.

If they acted with the approval of the Minister for Lands, is the money collected being held in trust for the successful custom claimant?

Senior Citizen

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