Dear Editor,

Reading the front page of the Daily Post issue on Saturday 21 of December 2019, it’s shocking to see how the Department of Immigration can stop someone from coming back into the country, just because the Government has been called out by him so many times or the Government thinks they have more power to stop him from coming into the country.

This was so immature for the government to not allow someone back into the country because of them getting called out from their wrongs.

How unfair that was.

Vanuatu is not a dictatorship country, it is a democracy. That means everyone is equal under the law. You treat everyone according to the law. It doesn’t matter if you are the Prime Minister, President, Police Commissioner etc. We are all equal under the law.

It’s such a shame that Dan McGarry always sticks up for Ni-Vans and makes sure the government takes full responsibility/accountable for the people of Vanuatu, which ends up with him struggling to come back to Vanuatu and had to seek orders from the Court against the government in order for him to come back into the country.

This cost him a lot of money, sleepless nights, stress, anxiety, and worrying about his family etc, which was unnecessary because he had all the right to come back into the country.

This will also cause his kids and wife to be worried, sad, angry and anxious especially angry and sad at everything going on.They also will be heartbroken seeing their mum stressing and having to go through all this commotion. It was definitely unfair on him because he had all the right to come back into the country, but he was cut off because the government was upset with him calling them out publicly. This shows how crazy our Government can be. Why can’t they just learn from their mistakes, move on and try to avoid anything similar from happening again?

Like Dan McGarry, I am thankful that I live in a country where the legal system is very effective and can protect me from anybody abusing my freedom/legal right.

Anaelle Nupupou

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