Dear Editor,

Mi wantem sipos yu save allowem wan smol spes blong mi save respond long further confusion we paper blong yumi i bin reportem lo Saturday 26th September, 2020 issue no 6111 long article we i entitled “Minister says Land Dispute won’t be tolerated.”

Wanem exactly Minister James Bule i stap talem? Gavman i stap silip wetem Land Dispute over long Saratamata Land since hem i fes registerem Lease ova long Land ia naming amongst others late brata Thompson Ngwera blong Napaksara olsem representative blong Family blong mifala mo since his passing Lesley Longo olsem representative. Representative hemi meanim exactly representative, hemi no Kastom owner. Gavman hemi continue blong toleratem half way resolution ia stat taem ia kasem tudei. Graon breaking ceremony ia hem i showem bakeken wan tolerance, be wanem taem bae i kat custom owner blong ol kaen custom olsem oli be meaningful.

From we Minister blong Lands i acquirem Land ia finis ating sipos custom olsem i go long Provincial Government might bai mo meaningful, mifala i no save. From long Constitution land ona hemi eita indigines man Vanuatu o State blong Republic blong Vanuatu.

Family Ture i glad blong save se i no bin kat wan Court o Tribunal decision we i mekem declaration long some man we mifala i no aware long hem.

Mifala i sorry blong luk kaen reference blong Family Ture olsem wan ‘sleeping dog’ we i stap smellem money.

Hemi olso sad se Minister blo Trade hemi no save reason blo claim blo family Ture before hemi talem ol toktok olsem. Mifala i finem ol toktok blong hem ol i rude tumas i hard blong belief ol pleplei toktok olsem blong ol pikini wan man long position blong State Minister i save talem long public.

Firstly, taem Gavman i registerem Lease ova long Saratamata Land mifala i no bin lukim any payment blong Premium even kam kasem nao ia we development i stap gohed we mifala i stap sapotem fullwan.

Gavman i wantem localisem some services blong hem, mifala i no stap, be pipol we oli Claim tu be representatives oli givim Land i go. I no kat permission. Bihaen blong mekem reference long mifala olsem sleeping dog hemia i no acceptable from God i no createm mifala olsem dogs, tankfuly.

Minister i stap refer long mifala olsem ol man West Ambae, we mifala regardem olsem wan priviledge. Papa blong mifala i born long East Ambae mo ol Bubu blong mifala oli silip nomo long East Ambae. “KwetuKwetu” in this repect ino apply long mifala. Custom ia i might apply long some nara man.

God bae continue blong blessem wok blong yu olsem Minister. Bae i gud mo sipos Politic i no wok be olsem mouth piece blong pipol yu mekem enquiry long brother Minister blong Lands blong i save assurim pipol we taem bae ol kaen issues olsem i save kam tu an end mo wanem kaen assistance Gavman i save assurem mifala long hem.

Gavman olsem Papa blong Nation babae i faenem stret ansa blong ol Land issues we oli stap affectem ol premises we services oli stap delivered out long hem wetaem? Government hemi no stap ting ting strong long ol issues olsem nao for 40 years.

Minister blong Land hemi no ting se i kat Power olsem blong engineerem completion blong ol dispute ova long ol Land we i stap developem ova so many years? Sipos i kat why nao i no providem ol resources for such a long taem.

Lukaut dirty laundry we Minister istap refer long hem I blong Gavman from mifala ino ting baot se mifala i bin kat toti klos blong wassem. Sipos yumi luk gud ol man ples i mekem komitmen blong givimup valuable land blong olgeta mo ol services ol i gohed, wehem pat blong Gavman. Ol tribunal i wok gud wetaem?

Bae God i continue blong shoem road mo givim guidance long yumi everiwan espically long Gavman blong finem solution we i stret mo i fair long everiwan.

Tank yu bigwan.

Hudson Sile

Representative blong Family Joel Ture

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