Dear Editor,

The constitutional application referred to above totally contradicts the ‘Right to Information’ Act the very same Government passed into law (Right To Information Act No.13 of 2016) four years ago. By taking the former Leader of Opposition to court the applicants are simply saying yes, the public has a right to know what happens to other leaders, except them. They must be immune to this law (for whatever reason).

Secondly, banning Kalsakau, his agents, workers, families, friends and political affiliates from sharing or reporting on matters relating to this case is a trip in the wrong direction. Even if Kalsakau and all the above people are banned, what do you do with the activities of ‘Fake IDs’ on FB? Ban them also? How effective can we do that? I think this whole idea will fuel anger in the general population and this time we are likely to see damage in social media that will be far worse than before.

Wan Observer

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