Dear Editor,

I would like to comment and reply to the full page advertisement (Daily Post 1st July) sponsored by Vanuatu – China Friendship Association (VCFA) regarding the new national security law imposed on the people of Hong Kong.

With respect, the National People’s Congress of China’s decision to implement ‘enforcement mechanisms’ to safeguard national security against protestors in Hong Kong begs the question as to why people were protesting in the first place.

Could it be that 23 years after the handover under the One Country, Two Systems policy, in which China promised that Hong Kong’s capitalist system and way of life would remain unchanged for 50 years, the citizens of Hong Kong are not happy that the National People’s Congress has changed their mind and wants complete control now.

Could it be that the citizens of Hong Kong who have been born and raised with democratic freedom to associate freely and protest peacefully don’t actually like being beaten by the police of a communist state.

The police brutality inflicted on peaceful protesters that followed the March 2019 failed introduction of an extradition bill that would allow Beijing to summon alleged criminals to the mainland were globally condemned, as was the proposed bill.

China’s push to reclaim Hong Kong for itself some 27 years before the One Country, Two Systems policy is due to end will unfortunately promote protest and conflict.

To my many Chinese friends I would like to point out that a deal is a deal.

If China wants to break the deal then live with the consequences.

A full page advertisement stating that the VCFA ”pray and hope the world will come back to the normal order” seems hollow when the normal order is being disrupted by China.

I am glad that associations such as VCFA exist.

I am sure that their community and charity work is well received and welcomed by the people of Vanuatu but I have to ask the question, is the VCFA a charitable community organisation or one established to spread propaganda? You can be both, it’s your democratic right – at least here in Vanuatu.

Unfortunately, no longer in Hong Kong.

Global Citizen

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