A big point of law: A candidate must be clear of any owings to the Government before Candidate can be allowed to contest.

We the taxpayers, company owners, shops are left out of this equation completely… Why?

There must be a change of this Law to protect us the Taxpayers from fraudulent dealings with candidates. What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

Two candidates in particular were announced yesterday whom have a bad track record and have debts around town and yet they are allowed to stand. Where is the integrity, transparency or good standing in this? It simply does not count one iota.

These 2 owe my Company over VT760,000 and has been that way incurring interest for nearly 2 years. One of which was an MP in the previous Government – from PENAMA. He has clocked up numerous debts around town and yet has the gumption to fob us off and stand yet again.

I have a stamped as received letter I wrote to the Electoral Commissioner Mr Tete from 29th January explaining the situation and yet to date he has failed to neither respond nor act on an official complaint. Why Mr Tete? Are you under pressure from the Candidates? The EO needs a serious shake up and those responsible to stop this Commission/ Office from being politicized as it is currently.

The other one from one of the villages on Efate is in default of a Magistrates Court order since September last year and yet he can find the money to pay for his candidacy… where is the right in this?

There is an enforcement warrant out now for seizure and sale of property.

How can anyone trust such candidates to perform given the money they get paid once in Government to do right by all those whom pay their taxes which pay their salaries and benefits?

I guarantee these are not the only 2 candidates whom owe money around town and am sure if everyone that is owed by any of the candidates stood together and collectively dealt them with a combined civil suit I’m sure the shoe will not be on the same foot.

I have given both candidates time to respond and the lack of response is deafening which goes to show they don’t care about what they do as they are protected by an archaic law.

Why is the Private Sector shut out of this equation? I call on the incoming Government and the Law society to have this law changed so we get real candidates in there whom do not owe any money apart from Bank loans/ mortgages.

We, the Taxpayers demand a fair deal and stop the cronyism and demand Transparency from ALL Candidates for the forthcoming 2020 Election.


Stu McEwen

Business operator since 2008

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