Good day Editor,

Penama Province is one of the Northern Provinces benefiting from its annual share from NISCOL.

Penama Province is one of the Northern provinces that has been dramatically hit by TC Harold recently. However, the provincial response is very limited and thanks only to clusters. Penama Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) is operating a normal Emergency operation without funding assistance from the provincial government.

The NISCOL share is worth around VT15,000,000 (2019) and that amount was not evidently visible in provincial reports or on new projects. It saddened Penama citizens to hear about a huge amount of money but the provincial council does not provide any report on how and where this lump sum of money is used. We request a Commission of Inquiry(COI) into the books of Penama Provincial Council.

Recently the Penama President was reported causing an accident to a student under the influence of alcohol. Minister responsible for local authorities and Minister for Internal Affairs Minister Alatoi Ismael Kalsakau must look into this behaviour. While the COM decision for Provincial Temporary relocation to Saratamata on Ambae, the Penama SG remains in Loltong, Pentecost. What he is still doing there makes everybody wonder. It is also rumored that the SG and Penama President are currently in Vila. As Penama citizens, we request to know how the NISCOL share to Penama province is used. A COI should be done as there are reports within the council staff that some investment by respective authorities and individuals are done in Port Vila as well. A lot is going on in Penama Province under the watchful eyes of the SG and the current president however, the question still remains, where does the millions of vatu go?

Thank you, Minister of Internal Affairs, we hope you will put our province in its right path.

Thank you.

Concern citizen


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