Dear Editor,

Please allow me space in your paper to give some constructive comments on the above heading.

Yes, from year to year we will always have New Year’s Eve Festivities (1st January) to welcome the New Year approaching. People have different ways, views and purpose of why and how they celebrate.

When we sit to observe and think over these things, we find there is immense amount out there that we need to tackle and answer personally before proceeding on into the New Year. Just like many people use to remark and say – NEW YEAR, NEW TINGTING, NEW MIND, FRESH TINGTING OR FRESH LUKLUK, all those sort of thinking. I think this new year 2020 is special.

Well, I have some points here just to help us with our thinking – like some sort of check-list. Please let’s consider them – they may help us dramatically and guide us make our choice and decisions – whichever applies to you:

1. Have you and your neighbor sorted out your long-time (customary) dispute last year or the past years? (Something wrong? The Bible says, ‘The Truth shall make you free.’)

2. Have you sorted out your out-standings with your neighbor, or your landlord?

3. If you have misused or in the habit of misusing Government property, etc. during the past year, are you going to avoid that this year or repeat the same thing?

4. If you have stolen or hidden land or a custom name or title from a neighbor or family member- if this is true, are you going to return these back?

5. Are you living with another woman now, after divorcing your wife (whom you were married to in Church)? (This is called adultery — are you going back to the one you made the promise with?).

6. Or are you living with two wives, or with two husbands for that matter? (The Bible or God allows only one).

7. Have you used black-power/ or black-magic (sweet-mouth) to attract your partner you’re living with now? If this is true, then this is only fake – you need to abstain from such practices because the negative consequences are coming, which can affect your children also.

8. Have you murdered (or poisoned) somebody innocently, whether physically or through black power or black magic during the past months or years? You need to change from these type of wicked practices.

9. Are you using black power or black magic for sexual gain or favor (or attraction)? This is an abomination to the Lord.

10. Are you working on land that does not belong to you? Make sure you sort this out with the right custom owner or chief.

11. Are you indebted to someone financially for a long time? Make sure both of you agree and make some type of arrangement to settle this.

12. Have you obtained or acquired a personal loan from a bank in the past through family business (dealings) or through islandism? If this is true, you must fix it with God.

13. Have you stolen money somewhere to start a business? Remember, this type cannot work out – you must refrain from such wicked practices.

14. Are you using black power or black magic to attract people (customers) to your kava nakamal? It may sound good, but cannot last long – the negative impacts may affect your business later or in the long run.

15. Are you living a life of prostitution? This type displeases God.

16. Have you lied, pretended or being dishonest in some areas? We need to change this type of attitude.

17. Have you taken pride in your life – putting yourself too high and never humble yourself? We need to come down (humble) ourselves before God and before men.

18. Are you a strong-hearted person, never wanting to listen to other people’s opinions? You need a change of attitude.

19. Have you gossiped a lot about other people or someone i.e. idle talk especially about other people in the past? (Gossiping can be a sin, and we must refrain from such).

20. Are you a drug (or marijuana) addict – using such in the past months or years? Will you change this habit – for your own good!

21. Are you spending more time with your kids and family at home other than at the kava bar or nakamals in the evenings? (Consider Family Standard of Living).

22. Are you using black power or black magic to obtain money from other people or firms?

23. Are you using black power or black magic when buying or purchasing fresh kava from the nakamal or something from the shop?

24. Have you used black power or black magic to destroy another person’s thinking (kilim tingting blong hem) when negotiating with him or meeting?

25. Have you used black power or black magic in a Court Case? This is not right.

26. Have you used black power or black magic to attract people’s attention during a village meeting or some other campaigns.

27. Are you involved in pornography, or some activity of that sort?

28. Have you been recruited in your present job position through ‘One-Tok System’ or through ‘Islandism’?

29. Have you done a serious crime in the past year or years that no one else knows, which is still hiding? Let God know it.

30. Have you been attending Church Services during the past year or years? What about this (new) year?

• Some of the points mentioned above are only assumptions, though some may be true.

But the choice is yours to decide, whichever applies to you.


A. Jesus will be passing this way in this new year. It may be in different forms or ways, we don’t know. In Luke 19: 1-10 we read that Jesus had supper with little Zacchaeus in his house, in which he revealed to Jesus his past sins (mistakes) and how he was going to straighten his past mal-practices, and then repented of his sins.

B. In the Old Testament (Amos 1 etc.) Prophet Amos, from the town of Tekoa saw a lot of things which were not right during the days of Uzziah King of Judah and Jeroboam King of Israel. People were living in luxury homes-lifestyle with pride, cheating and forgetting their God. Prophet Amos was God’s Angry Man, he warned them to repent and turn away from such reckless life.

C. In Job 1 etc. we read that Job was a righteous man. His 3 friends came to comfort him but at the same time accused him. But Job maintained his status, his integrity and his righteousness right to the end. Thus, at last God restored back his health, his welfare, his power, his wealth and possessions double. God has the final word.

D. In I Kings 18: 20-40, we read of a contest between the 450 prophets of Baal and Prophet Elijah alone of two (burnt) sacrifices. The prophets of Baal had their turn first, which did not work out – no fire. Prophet Elijah’s burnt sacrifice came next, which was consumed by the fire of the Lord, after Prophet Elijah had prayed.


So, we think God has the last word here, which is final, and cannot be reversed.

We are now 40 years through after our independence since 1980 (1980 – 2020 = 40 years).

The people of Israel, after leaving Egypt, crossed the Red Sea and travelled through the Wilderness for 40 years before reaching the Promised Land. We think this scenario is similar to us too in Vanuatu – we are now 40 years through after our independence in 1980.

We believe it is His Time to intervene.

This article is meant only to help us with some thoughts and advice for this new year 2020. It is not meant in any way to criticize or point a finger at any particular person.

May this new year 2020 bring some good changes to you and your family.

May God Bless.

Thank you.

By Genuine Ni-Vanuatu Citizen – T.T.

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