Dear Editor,

Please allow me some space in your paper to give some constructive points for thought on the above heading. This article is of my own perspective and opinion.

In the past several months and weeks, 2019 leading to 2020, some wildfires have devoured or consumed vast land masses and forests across the Amazons in South America, California in the West Coast of the U.S. and Australia (S. West Pacific). In this sense, these fires are categorized as ‘wildfires’ (that which spreads quickly and uncontrollably). As the weather becomes dry in many places, it is very likely that such fires may ignite (start of) very easily. These fires maybe caused or started off by various factors such as:

i. Someone mistakenly throwing a cigarette butt at the road-side which started the fire.

ii. A fire that may not have been quenched properly by an individual or group after camping or at a social activity (function) at the forest, park or beach, etc.

iii. A fire may intentionally be started by someone.

iv. It may be started by electrical faults or naked wiring.

v. It may be started naturally by lightning igniting fire on some dry trees or debris in a forest, etc.

vi. It may be started by some other means.

We can say that such devastating wildfires may be (natural) tragedies or disasters. It may be that it must happen at such a time – to get rid of the old resources or the over-populated living creatures, biologically speaking, if it may be put this way. In other words, the end of an era or cycle, to allow the next new (fresh) growth, etc.

In today’s crisis, as far as natural disasters are concerned, we will be facing these situations:

a. Climate Change

b. Catastrophic Weather

c. Environmental Destruction.

First, we condole with the families in Australia, etc. who were affected directly by the wildfires and who have also lost their property such as houses, etc. and livestock and even other animals at large.

Okay, let’s consider this scenario from a slight angle:

- Does God the Creator know about these wildfires?

- Or did He allow this to Happen?

- Where was God when these wild fires were burning Australia?

Well, God is there and knows it all, and allows such to happen according to His will and plan.

Let’s examine these possible answers or points:

1. God may allow such tragedies or disasters to happen in order to end the old (era) so to allow the next new (fresh) growth, if I may put this way.

2. God may allow such disasters to occur in order to give us a warning, indicating there is something wrong a Government has committed, e.g.:

i. A direction a government has taken concerning laws passed by that country’s Parliament, such as – gay marriage and lesbian marriage (same sex marriage).

God’s original plan is – ‘a man (male) marries a woman (female)’. There is no compromise whatsoever to alter or change His plan. [‘Thus says the Lord’].

(I heard from the ABC Radio the other week someone commenting and elaborating on this very point).

There may also be some other odd stuff relating to the laws, I’m not sure.

(my personal perspective).

3. God allows unspeakable tragedies as these because He wants man to know what the world would look like without Him as its guiding moral presence.

Let us consider these Bible texts for thought:

i. Joel 1: 19-20 (KJV) – ‘Oh Lord, to You I cry out; For fire has devoured the open pastures. And a flame has burned all the trees of the field. The beasts of the field also cry out to You. For the water brooks are dried up. And fire has devoured the open pastures.’

ii. Jeremiah 21: 14 (KJV) – ‘But I will punish you according to the fruit of your doings, says the Lord; I will kindle a fire in its forest, and it shall devour all things around it.’

By the way, one last thing before we finish:

The Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for hundreds or even thousands of years before the other people arrived there. So it is imminent the land (its nature and spirit) knows them and they know the land. They’ve cultivated there for hundreds of years and they know how, and such fires had not occurred, if I’m correct. Can they (the Aboriginese) still do something … or we heard (if this is true) that they did enact big cultural reconciliation events (if they are the right words to use here) in a few or some places in Australia to curb the spread of the fires…this may help, I reckon.

NB: I’ve quoted a few texts from the Holy Scriptures to help put us right with some clear awareness.

If there is any stuff of my own personal making, may the Lord remove it, and keep only that which is HIS. Thanks for freedom of expression.

From Ni-Vanuatu Citizen (but also of Aboriginal descendent & bloodline in Vanuatu, and always a friend of Australia)


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