As a Director of The Institute of Papuan Advocacy and Human Rights (IPAHR) and an Executive member of the ULMWP I am honoured to take this opportunity on behalf of the people of West Papua to congratulate and welcome the new Government of the Republic of Vanuatu, under the leadership of MP Bob Loughman, as the Prime Minister of Vanuatu.

We are looking forward to meet you and to continue our relationship with Vanuatu Government to free West Papua and make Melanesian countries free from colonialism.

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the significant work and contribution under the leadership of previous government, Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Mr. Charlot Salwai and his Cabinet.

Our gratitude and great thanks for the significant work and contribution from the office of Foreign Minister and the Department of Foreign Affairs under the leadership of former Foreign Minister, MP Ralph Regenvanu. It was a privilege to work with the previous Government and we recognise years of dedication and services of a very high standard.

Vanuatu’s great commitment to improve and advocate the human rights situation for West Papua is of great admirable and hope for my people to continue in their long journey toward Independence. The commitment of Vanuatu to make Melanesian countries free from colonialism as stated by the late Father Walter Lini still resonates strongly with my people and has become an expectation of all Melanesian people.Our hope is that, the new government, the opposition, all chiefs, churches, SCOs, women and youth leaders and all people of Vanuatu will continue to come together as one family with all Melanesian people.

The focus for the year ahead will be to continue to deliver on our strategic objectives, build upon the work already completed by the previous governments and take advance of new opportunities.

Vanuatu Government has set itself a high profile in the work of the decolonization.

We hope that the new government will continue to lift up the West Papua Human Rights, including the right to self-determination, to the new levels in regional and international arena.

I would like to once again express my sincere gratitude and thanks to the people of Vanuatu for years of dedication to our freedom.

The people of West Papua are looking forward to continue their journey of their struggle with you the leaders of Vanuatu.

Free West Papua!!

Sincerely yours,

Paula Makabory

510 Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne,

VIC 3053, Australia.

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