Dear Editor,

Just an observation.

When the first report of victims and deaths of coronavirus became public in China and the world, it appears people and some world leaders had not taken strict measures in relation to lockdown in appropriate times to protect their citizens.

Despite an increase of number of victims in Wuhan, China, the WHO declared the virus as pandemic later, when victims of the virus were found in other countries. While the cause or real source of the COVID-19 is yet to be identified, and confirmed, huge human sufferings, business losses, economic slowdown and financial devastations engulfed the globe.

Cyclone Harold devastated properties in northern part of the country and two other Pacific Island nations early last month.

Cyclone Palm caused extensive destructions to properties in southern part of Vanuatu in 2015.

Such calamities are destined to occur. All these events are wake up call to humanity. People can be resilient after any devastation, but there needs to be revival and reshape of lives of citizens.

The Holy Bible teaches us all we need Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God is our refuge. Weekly/ a time change from 2.00pm to 3.30pm.

Due to current crises, our 52 MP should show a role model of a good and faithful leadership. Consideration should be made for only half of their monthly salary be paid during the State of Emergency or lockdown.

With a salary of over VT5,980,600 each year, each MP receives VT230,000 every two weeks. While the Prime Minister gets VT9,010,800, ministers VT6,738,300 and Leader of Opposition VT6,356,900, and MPs receive over VT300,000 every two weeks.

The increase of Parliamentary Board of Directors sitting allowance of VT10,000-VT30,000 as reflected in your paper is unwarranted. They are already high salary paid government officials. There is no rational justification for the increase when over 90,000 victims of TC Harold are groaning for food, water and good shelters.

Chief Jesse Verekon

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