Dear Editor,

Long Tuesday evening 22nd September, 2020 TBV hemi repotem mo televisem recent ceremony blong laying blong Foundation Stone blong Department blong Finance building long Saratamata Provincial Headquarters blong Penama.

Long taem ia Minister blong Finance hemi bin mekem wan custom ceremony long wanem we hemi stap discribem se ol kastom ona blong Land we Gavman i tingting blong buildem offis ia long hem.

Mifala family JOEL TURE i no bin save mo harem any news blong any Island Kot or Land Tribunal decision we i mekem declaration long who nao i kastom ona blong Saratamata Custom Land.

Nem blong Family Joel Ture I stap tu olsem one claimer long record blong Ministry blong Land. Why nao government Ino bin letem mifala I save abaot any hearing blong dispute blong Land ia we declaration blong hem nao Kavam I stap rely long hem blong mekem kastom ceremony we I bin widely publicised long media?

Sipos i no bin kat kastom declaration iet blong Land we Saratamata i stap long hem Kavman i basem decision blong kastom ceremony ia long wanem? Who ia i receivim ol kastom valuables we Department blong Finance i offerem long taem ia? Wanem Kot nao i mekem declaration long nem blong hem. Why Kavman i wastem Public money long ol kastom gift ia we i no kat declaration blong kastom Land iet.

Minister blong Land hemi bin mekem finis declaration blong acquisition blong Land ia. Mifala ol claimers ino opposem development blong Saratamata Provincial Headquarters folem public interest we Kavman hem i luk blong benefitem wok blong hem.

Why nao Kavman instead blong i helpem ol claimers ia blong progressem claim blong olgeta folem Land Reform Act mo Kastom Land Management Act hemi stap compliketem issue blong dispute long Land ia bai recognition long some man we ino gat wan Kot or Tribunal i mekem proper declaration long olgeta. Hemia ino wok blong hypocrite?

Mifala ol kastom claimer ino opposem development blong Province blong mifala be mifala I no happy blong luk favourism, mo possible complication blong issues blong dispute blong Land ia through long kaen kastom ceremony olsem we I bin tekem ples recently long Saratamata long Ambae.

Yumi bin luk finis se ol disputes blong Provincial Headquarters blong Tafea long Isangel, long Malampa Provincial Head Quarters long Lakatoro mo naoia yumi lukim long Penama Provincial Headquarters oli no bin fully resolved kasem naoia.

Ol ples ia nao ol main Kavman services oli base long hem, why nao Kavman ino mekem priority blong assistim ol kastom owners blong settlem ol disputes ia for such a long taem.

Yumi 40 finis. Where nao priority blong Kavman long ol Land we hemi stap usum blong deliverem ol services blong hem long ol pipol blong hem.

Mi hope se Kavman i luk save ol concerns ia we mi sure se fulap man ples we ol Kavman services i stap long hem oli stap suffer iet long hem kasem naoia blong babae oli save assistim olgeta, i no assistim nomo mifala be assistim Kavman hem wan tu.

Tank yu tumas long taem mo space long paper blong yumi.

Hudson Sile,

FAMILY TURE Representative

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