Dear Editor,

I refer to the ongoing debate in the quality of internet services in Vanuatu.

Internet access is now a necessity in business and is considered a national strategic industry. The majority of countries regulate this sector closely to ensure the country’s economy is not constraint.

Sadly, this appears not to be the case in Vanuatu. We pay premium price for below par services.

ISP blames Interchange Limited for the high cost of internet and Interchange Limited counters that decreased cost is not being passed on to consumers. Well, one is telling the truth and one is lying. Who knows who?

Whilst the stakeholders debate this blame game, the consumers are left languishing in the deplorable state of unreliable, expensive internet offered.

We can change from one provider to the next but we still face the same issues. One wonders whether there is a collective agreement amongst the ISPs to screw the consumers while there is no serious competition in the market place yet. Make hay while the sun shines – at the expense of the local consumers.

Of further concern, it appears that our Regulator, whose ultimate duty is to the consumers is reluctant to get involved. We seldom hear from them and when we do, it is some technical reports they issued which is basically ‘Greek’ to the general public. The consumers are only concern with getting the services they pay for.

When will the stakeholders grow up and get on with providing quality services to the consumers?

Has the Regulator any process in place to verify that the consumers are getting the services they pay for? Do they have technical staff to do onsite checks on the ISPs?

Internet access is crucial to the growth of our economy. Will the Government take a pro-active position on this?

Sincerely Pissed Off

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