Dear Editor,

In response to the damages caused by the devastating category 5 cyclone Harold and Volcanic Ash fall on Tanna. Islanders await the government’s response to address such impacts caused by these natural disasters. Obviously, this brings forth a major concern for the government. The government of Vanuatu in partnership with its donor partners for aid and incorporate with the Natural Disaster Management Office (NDMO), National Disaster Committee (NDC) and other Non-Government Organisations to practically step in to support and provide food supply, housing equipment and materials, improvise to access fresh clean water, provide medical aid and so forth.

However, learning from TC Pam some relief supplies are not equally shared among the most affected ones or communities. Mostly those in powers especially in the position of relief deliveries or those in the frontiers of the task force in charge tend to think about their areas or islands first than other areas which might be mostly affected. There are never reports being made after TC Pam or even the Volcano in Ambae to identify what the different aids are being used in, rather than hearing only that aid is been given through some partner countries to support those who are affected, but was not officially stated on what exactly the aid was used for.

Henceforth, with due respect, Vanuatu is a democratic country and the citizens of Vanuatu need honest and transparent leaders who practice good governance and leadership in times of responding to the needs of the nation of Vanuatu. A government that honours its country with respect to justice and equality treatment of all people despite where they come from (island of origin) and their differences. Ironically, answer the call (needs) of its people as the first priority and not satisfying personal needs. For the supplies and funds belong to the citizens and not any individuals. Most importantly, those reliefs in place are to be shared equally among all islands who are being affected. Thus, this will restrict any violations of any kind and protect and promote the rights of vulnerable or specific groups to satisfy everyone’s needs during this disaster period. Enough is enough, our leaders need to know better.

Tracy Samson

USP, Emalus Campus

Port Vila.

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