Dear Editor,

How much or how many is enough?

I view with interest the current government’s ability to stay together despite the illegal Parliamentary Secretariat and Special Envoy positions. It is true that politics is about numbers and when there is number on the government side it can get away with virtually anything. How much more before each elected MP says it is enough to make him change his mind or come to his senses to realize that the integrity of an honourable office is paramount and should be preserved and safe guarded at all times.

We see the Honourable Speaker of Parliament facing criminal charge but chooses to sidestep the integrity of the Honourable Office of the Speaker of Parliament. True we are all sinners and there is no one righteous but is this consideration ample justification to hold on to office?

Of course Innocent until proven guilty is in order but must we run to the courts all the time? Or it will be enough when the courts pass judgement and must it always be like this?

Is 39 years Independence without 50% women representation in Parliament enough to give reserve seats to ensure 50% women representation? Why must we have 50% women representation through reserve seats or quota? Can’t our women folk unite against the so called male tyranny and vote women candidates into Parliament?

If women cannot in the last 39 years of independence achieve unity within their ranks then whose fault is it that they cannot get into Parliament? Men?

I understand that the there is a very high chance that the Coconut Rhinoceroses Beetle is a problem now at Mangaliliu because dirty heavy duty equipment were unloaded in that area without approval of Biosecurity. If this is true then funds spend as the result of CRB is unnecessary expenses but made necessary because of the threat to the coconut industry due to a poor decision of an elected person who swears to act without fear or favour in the National Interest at all times.

Certain politicians in the current regime were elected on a platform of Anti-Corruption but it seems that they condone corruption by their action.

And the list goes on. How much longer before the electorate decides that enough is enough and get out en masse in 2020 and vote differently.

In the upcoming General Election for the 12th Legislature the people will decide whether they have had enough or handouts will be enough to make them decide that a further 4 years is time enough for lessons learned in the previous 4 years to be applied to right the wrongs which are nothing but mistakes made by qualified men.

How much is enough to trigger a decision? How many Political Parties is enough? Mm mm

Thomson Pakoa Matokai Kokona

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