Dear Editor,

Complaints by callers are increasing on the talk-back show last week regarding vendors from North Efate and its offshore islands not all coming to town to sell their garden produce.

The callers say downsizing the number of vendors amid this COVID-19 global threat is affecting families out there.

Here is a thought: how about our Municipality and Shefa Administrators partner in buying farm produce from the farmers and selling them in Port Vila to regain their spending? Both partners have resources to get involved in the project while they could appoint only five vendors from PVMC and five from Shefa to move along the tables at the Main Market to sell to the public while everybody respects social distancing.

In this way, everyone would be happy especially the Port Vila public who would continue to buy their local fresh foodstuff without going to the shops for expired processed foods and meats.

Food for thought.

Len Garae

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