Dear Sir,

I am a UK citizen who has been living for 7 years in Mele village, Vanuatu where I built my house. I have been married to my ni-Van wife Bevely for five and a half years and we have a 3-year-old daughter who misses me terribly. I work abroad on 6 month contracts in Fiji or the Solomons.

I completed a contract in the Solomons at the end of March and was due to fly home on 23rd but the flight was cancelled due to the COVID-19 scare. I have now been stuck in the Solomons for nearly three months with no job or place to live and unable to get back to my family. There is and never has been any coronavirus in the Solomons! There is a flight from Honiara to Port Vila on 1st July but apparently, it is for Vanuatu citizens only. The British High Commission has appealed on my behalf to the Director of Immigration but he says his hands are tied by the COVID-19 advisors.

I was advised to apply for residency but when my wife took all the paperwork into immigration she was told that it could not be accepted as no applications could be accepted on instructions from this same COVID-19 advisor.

Mere mortals like me have no access to these ‘advisors’ so I am asking for the help of the Daily Post in publicising my case in the hopes that common sense prevails.

I fully support the Vanuatu Government in its strategy against Covid19 but I repeat I have spent 9 months in a country that like Vanuatu has never had any coronavirus at all so I pose no risk whatsoever and am prepared to take any tests or undergo any sensible quarantine.

Please help me come home to Mele and my family!


David Perry

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