Dear Editor,

I have just recently been exposed to finding out how many of our people suffer from diabetes and how many die because we have no Dialysis Machines in Vanuatu.

There is an immediate need for this situation be addressed and rectified, to be honest my concerns have and are being reinforced by my discussions with Minister Andrew Napuat and his genuine desire to do something and I can only sing his praises in his efforts to find a solution but we cannot just make the talk as a nation we must do the walk.

There are so many limiting factors in finding the solution to getting a dialysis machine into Vanuatu but considering the amount of Foreign Aid Projects in existence here surely this project must have some priority within Government and the Community in general

The statistics are showing 1 in 10 of Melanesian decent will develop kidney problem but not necessarily kidney failure.

However, inefficient kidneys lead to a build-up of toxins, such as excess Potassium which can cause heart failure.

Those on the islands on Island food won’t be affected as much as those in Vila, and Luganville. If it were available to all I believe there would be at least 200 people in Vila who should be on dialysis now.

All those who have had amputations would be ok if they had been on dialysis.

Please in God’s name and humanity, let us come together and resolve this problem so we just don’t sit and watch our loved ones suffer and die.

Jim Woodford

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