Dear Sir,

I read with interest the letter published on the “nonsense created by ‘consultants’”.

Having been a consultant in Vanuatu for three years in the State Law Office I would like to observe that the role of the consultant should be to train, mentor, advise, consult and leave. I saw to my very great annoyance a number of people who had made themselves indispensable through the introduction of complicated processes which only they could understand. This was nonsense.

The role of the consultant to Government is not to lead, not to take over. It is to ask what is wanted and to then assist ni-Vanuatu achieve the goal through skills transfer.

Consultants and officers provided under aid should not write their own contracts and any seeking to do this should be asked to leave. There is a parasitic conflict of interest which must be resisted. I first saw such conduct in 1995. It was a disgrace, as the person involved ensured he was paid a huge sum of money.

Indeed Mr. Berry, I think you are correct. Such nonsense needs to be stopped.

Yours sincerely

Hon. Rowan M. Downing QC

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