This week Campaign For Justice (C4J) is saddened to hear about the report circulating from local media, mainly Daily Post Newspaper, concerning the 800 students of Ecole Saint Jeanne D’Arc who were sent home due to financial crisis.

The country recently celebrated its 40th Anniversary with a day dedicated for all school children around the country to celebrate Children’s Day on 24th July. On this day a lot of great speeches were centered mainly on our children to have access to Education.

Article 28 of the UNCRC says that children and young people have the right to education no matter who they are: regardless of race, gender or disability; if they’re in detention, or if they’re a refugee.

Children and young people have the right to both primary and secondary education and should be able to choose different subjects when in secondary school. This should include the option of technical and vocational training, so they shouldn’t have to focus on academic subjects if they don’t want to. Governments should support children and young people in education.

All these 800 students have the right to Education and the government is violating their rights when it takes longer time in responding to solving this issue immediately. There is a saying that children are the future of this country. If the country is projecting for a better future than it must take into consideration the development of these children nowadays to show them that they are a main priority to the development of our Nation, as we wait to see the outcome of that future when we celebrate Yumi 80 in the next 40 years.

C4J joins Ecole Saint Jeanne D’Arc Principal Merani Johanin is calling to the Ministry of Education to consider the application of the next grant of the annual grant in making sure these 800 students continue with their Education, which is paramount to their learning development. They are Vanuatu’s future human resource so let us invest in them now to reap a greater reward in the future when they return the favor with their contribution in developing Vanuatu.

As C4J’s main core mission is to ensure Justice is being serve and all ordinary citizens mas have access to Justice. In simple terms all ordinary citizens are entitle to fair treatment in all dealings and this goes inline with all these 800 students who are entitle to the fair treatment the country should give them in term of their learning development. They have the right to Education.

Campaign For Justice

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