Dear Editor,

August has to be one of the darkest months in Fiji’s history.

The number of murders that have been going around is just outrageously horrific.

First the murder suicide case in Ba, where a father murdered his 3-year-old and 5-year-old sons and then committed suicide. The memories of that murder was still fresh in people’s mind when we got to hear yet another murder of a family of 5 in Nausori Highlands.

This murder mystery left the whole nation shocked.

While the nation was mourning the death of these 5 family members we again hear the murder of a young women in Suva who was stabbed several times by her own husband.

Domestic violence still continues to be the leading agenda and cause of death in our country.

These kinds of incidents make us fear for our lives and yet again fear for the safety of our loved ones. These kinds of inhumane acts make us question people’s morality.

2019 will be remembered in Fiji’s history as one of the darkest years.

Raksha Prasad



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