Dear Editor,

Please allow me to express my views on this page.

Some women have been seen to have undergone some serious abuse and yet are afraid to speak out. These abuses include violence from the partner during pregnancy. It is a greater concern because these minorities accept the violence as part of what is accepted in the societies. These women are living in fear and accepting how they are being treated.

Despite the modern day technological advancements like telecommunication coverage, it can still be considered that women still cannot even make a call, fearing their spouse.

A tragic example that could be highlighted is the fact that, a pregnant woman was severely beaten by her husband. As a result, the baby was born prematurely and died. Considering this, the woman feared to speak out and just accepted the fact. Despite her cultural belief or geographical location, she is a human being and her voice needs to be heard.

I strongly urge the authorities responsible to consider this seriously as this is just one of many abuse stressed. Under different circumstances, these women’s voices need to be heard.

To do this, I propose that authorities concerned should employ for every island in Vanuatu a Human Rights Activist that would help in such situations to report the abuses and encourage the women in such circumstances to speak out.

Graziala Warong

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