Dear Editor,

Here we go again...Let’s announce something, make some statements in the press and then suddenly change our mind. When will this ineptitude cease?

Air Vanuatu’s decision to cancel (sorry.... postpone) all of its scheduled repatriation flights should be viewed as both negligent and incompetent. If the NMDO are responsible for the cancellation then either they or their internal processes should be viewed as negligent and incompetent. Seriously, do these two bodies not communicate with each other prior to making announcements?

I do not run an airline but I can surmise that a great deal of work is involved in scheduling air services to three different countries. I would imagine that approval after approval after approval is required to reach ticketing stage. So what happened? Why has the national carrier been made to look like amateurs?

Perhaps tomorrow’s Daily Post will have a reply to this letter with some kind of justification.


Note: Air Vanuatu and the Office of the Prime Minister have issued statements on the postponement and these are in today’s edition.

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