Dear Editor,

As a student studying Tourism, I wish to raise several issues affecting the tourism industry to the Department of Tourism.

The Vanuatu Department of Tourism has issues concerning poor Tourism Infrastructure such as roads, airports and buildings.

Lack of standard accommodation in the provinces is another issue, the accommodation operators are not seeking enough help from the department to improve the standard of accommodation.

And lastly, Climate Change has also become a factor disturbing the Tourism Industry.

In order to overcome these issues, the government must improve access to tourism attractions through the development of relevant infrastructure such as roads infrastructure, Airport infrastructure and Jetties.

Also the department of Tourism in the 6 provinces must ensure that tourism accommodation operators must improve and meet the tourism operator’s minimum standard in order to meet their expectation of international visitors. Most importantly, the government to develop and establish a disaster resilient Tourism industry through;

- Awareness on natural disaster and Climate Change

- Training on Climate Change -

-Develop guidelines to medicate the impacts of Climate Change (Tourism operators)

Conclusively, I would network with the Ministry of Infrastructure to undertake relevant planning’s on developing relevant infrastructure to main Tourism sub destinations and to speak with the provincial Tourism officers to ensure that accommodation and service provided to Tourism operators meets the Vanuatu Tourism operators minimum standards and finally to ask the government to provide more funding’s towards the activity and to increase the budget for the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo hazard department to undertake awareness programs and develop medicating activities on the impact of Climate Change. Let’s improve to make a change, Tourism is everybody’s business.


Lency Wells

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