Dear Editor,

WHO (World Health Organization) has categorized COVID-19 as a pandemic disease and the Chairman of WHO has warned that EVERY country must expect that COVID-19 will enter their border.

Vanuatu COVID-19 Task Force and the Vanuatu Government should adapt the Meteorological services department cyclone warning procedures for COVID-19.

For example, ‘Blue Alert’ is happening already with stopping of international flights and Tourist Ships, careful washing of hands and so on.

The ‘Yellow Alert’ for example may be for families and communities to stock up with food, plant more food in back gardens in Vila and Luganville, stop shaking hands and so on.

The ‘Red Alert’ for example may be an announcement that Vanuatu has one victim of COVID-19, so all population gathering centres are closed (schools, stores, markets, churches, prisons, kava bars, nightclubs etc) and wearing of masks or other cloth is compulsory.

Fully equipped COVID-19 testing centres should be specified to test the population of Vanuatu.

Prevention is much better than cure so the COVID-19 Task Force guidelines along the above examples is urgently needed, including preparation drills, otherwise many people will die.

Yours sincerely,

Kalkot Mataskelekele

Former (6th) President.

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