Some people would like you to think that the Daily Post is against Yumi Toktok Stret, or Julian Ligo, or social media in general. That’s not true.

We do feel anger when people lie, when they abuse their pulpit to drive a personal agenda, or when they victimise innocent people. We feel that way toward anyone who does it.

The Daily Post has worked hard to establish a solid base of media freedom in this country, and its founders have put their lives on the line to stand up for the truth. The last thing we want is for people to drag down public opinion of the media.

These are the facts:

Yumi Toktok Stret News published a story saying that a woman had been arrested for prostitution and making false statements, and that people from our company and others were on her ‘client list’. All of this was based on a complaint lodged with police, and then shared with YTS News.

Every part of this story is a lie. No one was arrested. No one was charged. The woman was falsely accused. She lived with a staff member of ours for two months. That is the opposite of prostitution. All of these facts were easily known at the time of publication.

She is also a key witness in a criminal trial. But YTS News never told you that. They never explained where the police complaint came from.

They never asked the obvious question: who profits from dragging her reputation and ours through the dirt?

They claim to care about the woman’s welfare. If they cared, why did they publish a story based on nothing but hearsay?

Nobody would know about any of this if YTS News hadn’t published the false story in the first place. Nobody would know the woman’s identity if YTS News hadn’t published a video showing her face on camera.

We are deeply concerned that the timing of the accusation of prostitution could affect this woman’s credibility as a witness in a pending criminal case. If it is, then this is an extremely serious matter.

The Daily Post is getting dragged into this because we tell the truth. We are being targeted because we publish actual facts, and those involved don’t want you to believe us.

Yes, we spoke with Rebecca. We spoke with her twice. On both occasions, she was accompanied by a trusted third party. Nobody forced her to do anything, and if she felt pressured to act, that wasn’t our intention. We were trying to protect her.

After this video aired, we asked her friend if she thought we were pressuring the woman, and she said no.

We never offered her money. We did offer to pay her legal bills if she decided to act against YTS News for falsely saying she’d been arrested for prostitution and making false statements. We did it because it was the right thing to do.

Listen to the interview again. She never said we offered her money. She never said she was forced to join a lawsuit. She only said she didn’t want to join one. That’s fine. It’s her choice.

YTS News claims to be an ethical media organisation. So why is the Daily Post being denied its right of reply? We’ve been blocked from commenting in the groups where these false accusations are being made.

Countless people have called for an end to this constant fighting between YTS News and the Daily Post. We want it to end, too.

What YTS News won’t tell you is that we have reached out. On three separate occasions, we have asked for a meeting to sit down and sort things out face to face. Others have tried to help arrange a quiet sit-down, too.

On every single occasion, it was Julian Ligo who failed to follow through.

This is not personal for us. We bear no malice toward anyone. But we won’t tolerate people telling lies and hurting people, and then trying to pass themselves off as a legitimate news organisation. That kind of behaviour hurts us all.

It’s that simple.

If Mr Ligo wants to sort this, he knows what to do: Join us in an open discussion, moderated by a neutral third party, so that everyone can see who’s telling the truth, and who is not. We don’t want conflict. We just want an end to the lies and the character assassination.

Dan McGarry, Media Director

Marc Neil-Jones, Publisher

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