Dear Editor,

I am so proud to be a citizen of a country referred to as paradise, rich in cultural heritage, ranked amongst the happiest on earth and importantly a country that will soon be graduating from a least developed to developing country.

Anyone can boast about the joys and smiles we have.

Also I am assuming Vanuatu deserves much praises for many different aspects BUT did anyone ever take time to consider their contributions as an individual citizens to this country.

I believe not everyone contributes positively to this country at the local (village/community) or the national level.

Crimes and corruptions are continuously threatening the society. As a concerned individuals I can still see people standing in the dark with a knife asking for cigarettes, money or other valuable properties such as your mobile phones.

About a month ago I witnessed a girl being robbed by young men when they grabbed her phone and ran away. I wonder where the respect for women is?

Is this really paradise? Where is the happiness that Vanuatu is known for?

These actions is in contrast with what Vanuatu is known to be in the world. If we want a good reputation, then our political leaders need to be at the forefront and not being the headlines for corruption practices on the media.

Tourists should not be complaining on the newspaper which taints a bad picture of Vanuatu’s leading industry.

As a concerned citizen, these images undermines and devalues our reputation and hamper our progress to a developing nation.

I plead with everyone lets reconsider our actions for the progress of our nation.

Allan Kuki



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