There is so much pain and premature death all around us, yet we are surrounded by some of the best medicinal foods the world has ever known. Could the reason be a reflection of the old prophet’s predictions – ‘my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…’ (Hosea 4:6)? Or are we plainly and simply careless?

Last week’s In side Viewpoints article discussed our overdependence on drugs (i.e. medicine) and the poor leadership that goes with it to exacerbate the growing crisis.

The Vanuatu Daily Post this week (16th April) confirmed this issue where it is reported that ‘hospitals across Vanuatu are experiencing medicine

shortages’ and that besides administrative delays, ‘the shortage resulted from the demand of patients in Vanuatu’, as the DG MOH was quoted as

confirming. Demand exceeds supply. And that’s a very worrying sign.

The people need to know. ‘Lack of knowledge’ must be turned to widespread knowledge. The majority of churches that wield tremendous

influence over citizens and who utterly condone very poor health practices, habits and people’s subsistence on unhealthful foods must also be held responsible for this growing national nightmare. More often than not, a lot of church leaders are willingly ignorant and deaf to reality and the dictates and counsels of both medical and spiritual science.

They have so much influence over their membership that the latter tend not to read, think and reason for themselves.

They listen to their leaders wholeheartedly and swallow bait and hook to their own demise and destruction. And who is expected to foot the

cost? The Government. And the government, like a poor old helpless servant, obeys.

Lives have been prevented from premature and untimely death by some wonderful natural products.

The subject of health is vast, but if we care enough to learn and to know and practice good principles and use products that promote preventative and healthful living, we can overcome. A lot of these principles and products unfortunately you don’t get told about at the drugs dispensing

counters at our health facilities.

One of these products or medicinal foods is the good old garlic. ‘For nearly as long as there has been a written record of history, garlic has been mentioned as a food’,

according to Jethro Kloss – world renowned herbalist, food scientist, inventor, lecturer, writer and teacher. Those who are avid readers can find and order his famous book called ‘Back to Eden’ off Amazon for less than $9 (lets say 2,000vt all up with shipping cost added). Kloss has devoted his lifetime work into this wonderful book, which is a goldmine of information to help preserve health – your, your family’s and your country’s health.

In the book Kloss devotes a special chapter to ‘Garlic’. The very same garlic you find in Au Bon Marche and other shops in Port Vila and increasingly in

shops all over the country today.

Restaurants and hotels bulk-buy it to feed tourists to support while we run to and stand in long queues at the hospital to look for secondhand medicines to provide temporary relief to our ailments.

Let me hasten to add, when it comes to medicine, natural products are firstclass and irreplaceable, though you need to know how to use them

properly. According to Kloss, Hippocrates – the father of modern medicine, used garlic to cure numerous diseases including chest pains and toothaches. He further highlights the fact that ‘down through the centuries garlic has been used as a treatment for all sorts of diseases’, including

lung problems, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, and various skin disorders such as leprosy, acne, dandruff, ringworm, and intestinal illnesses such as gastric ulcer, gastritis, constipation, diarrhea, worms, cholera, arthritis, rheumatism, high blood pressure, tuberculosis as well as some forms of cancer, diabetes, anemia, whooping cough, colds and more. The list

is amazingly almost endless.

Those who are interested in science, Kloss advises that garlic is one of the best plant sources of sulphur and that it is mainly the sulphur-containing

compounds in garlic that are responsible for its medicinal effects.

In a nutshell, if we care enough to know, we can address a lot of our current health woes by utilizing the natural products of the earth and of agriculture that surround us today. At the national level, we can also reduce the heavy spending that is usually poured into the coffers of pharmaceutical companies that don’t necessarily care about our health, but so much more about our money.

That’s the bottom line. That’s what matters most to them. My old mother is a nurse, and I have mildly debated with her on numerous occasions over this business of medicine or drugs dependency. As an individual, if you make a new start to approaching food as medicine, I strongly believe you’ll be rewarded in many more ways than one.

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