Zero Vatu founder confident for 2020

Zero Vatu founder Mr. Sewere (left) says he is ready to enter Parliament in 2020.

‘Parti Travailliste’ is the French version for Labour Party.

Jean Philip Sewere, founder of Zero Vatu — a concept that aims at making Agriculture a golden job through effective and efficient farming system — says he is ready to take the challenge to the political battle field in 2020.

2020 may look challenging for many Political Parties and politician but the young leader says he felt it is the right time people of Vanuatu are informed of the truth and what they deserve for the future generation.

The dream to make Agriculture a golden job started in 2003 and for over a decade he has walked the talk to demonstrate the realities of his words by helping farmers in rural areas of Vanuatu.

The former French teacher who resigned last September has installed over 500 small scale farms from Torres to Tanna.

He said after his studies in New Caledonia as a Farming Analyst he realized that the country has lacked a proper economical system.

“We need effective production in order to have an effective distribution so people can benefit effectively.

“I have work tirelessly with rural people from Toress to Tanna and have tried very hard to make sure Zero vatu provides a concept that adapts and links to the cultural system in our society,” he said.

When asked why he decided to enter politics Mr. Sewere said majority of the people of Vanuatu live in rural areas and depend on Agriculture as the only means of income and creating new policies to help them is his only reason.

The young energetic leader told Daily Post his major challenges when serving farmers is finance which he had to pick from his own pocket just because he wanted to make sure people see the truth.

“I was challenged by many people in the field but I always believe that Agriculture is the only way for this country and its people and so I am full of pride to go out in the battle field in 2020.”

His last words to Daily Post is – “I believe Agriculture is the only hope for the hopeless.”

Mr. Sewere will rally under the Labour Party.

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