Youth Challenge Vanuatu Helps Young People Achieve Their Dreams

“Don’t tell people your dreams, show them,” says Melody Nakat. She is one of the successful youth participants for the YCV Ready for Work Program.

Meet Melody.

Melody Nakat is a young woman who knows too well the struggles that many young Ni-van men and women face today.

Like many she had dreams to complete her education, find secure employment and support herself and her family.

Although things did not happen that way, Melody is where she is today through her perseverance and help from the Youth Challenge Vanuatu (YCV).

Originally from Tanna, Melody attended in Tafea College in Tanna and moved to Port Vila to complete high school and University of the South Pacific’s Foundation studies at Tebakor College.

She enrolled for a degree program at USP but had to drop out due to financial hardship. Although she was disappointed, Melody returned home and supported her family by tending to their garden and selling at the Lenakel market.

Melody did not give up on her dreams to continue her education and enrolled for a Business Management course at the Chamber of Commerce. She dropped out again because of nonpayment of fees.

Although the circumstances was stressful for Melody, she never lost hope and participated in community and church activities to keep herself busy.

Two years later in 2016, Melody heard about YCV and became a member. Every week she would visit the YCV office and apply for work via the YCV’s online employment website- ‘wok I kik’

In 2017 Melody joined Youth Challenge’s ‘Ready for Work’ program which offers selections, recruitment, training and internship placement for a period of six month.

Within two months of completing the program Melody secured a two-month internship with the Department of Fisheries. Her internship was extended for another six months.

“It was very challenging to work six months as a volunteer with no pay especially in Port Vila. But I continued, I was achieving my dream to get work and the skills I picked up with YCV really helped me during those times,” said Melody

Her dedication paid off, in April 2018 when Melody was appointed as a Data Clerk Officer at the Department of Fisheries.

YCV has been working with young people for over fifteen years since 2001. YCV has four programs components, Ready for Work (RFW), Ready for Business (RFB), Youth Center Services (YCS) and Wok I kik online employment services. The Youth Center Services has a computer lab where registered youth members have access to daily to type their Curriculum Vitae, job application, check emails, learn how to use computer, search the net and looking for the job application on the wokikik website.

The Youth Service Center also provide short trainings, awareness’s, and career talk to youth members. The Ready for Work program offers selections, recruitment, training and internship placement for a period of six month. The Ready for Business Program offers selections, trainings and provide selected youth with a grant for 40,000VT to the selected youth to implement their business plan.

YCV would like to acknowledge Oxfam in Vanuatu for the funding support and all the stakeholders that have supported YCV and Melody achieved her dream.


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