Woman Charged For Marijuana Possession

A ni-Vanuatu woman is in police custody waiting to appear in court for preliminary hearing after being detained for alleged possession of marijuana.

She has been charged under the Dangerous Drug Act (CAP 12) for possessing marijuana, which is categorize under the Vanuatu laws as a ‘dangerous drug’.

The woman whose name and island of origin are withheld for security reasons, was arrested in Port Vila last week by police.

The officer in charge of the Criminal Investigation Unit at the Vanuatu Police Station, Inspector Morris Seule, confirmed the arrest to the Daily Post yesterday.

He said under the Vanuatu laws, marijuana is categorized as a ‘dangerous drug’. Its cultivating, possessing, smoking, distribution and sale is illegal and constitute illegal activities relating to the drug.

The maximum penalty, for growing, possessing, selling and smoking or other similar use of the marijuana is 20 years in jail or Vt1 million fine.

Inspector Morris Amos, said marijuana is believed to be grown on every islands of Vanuatu.

He said the police needs the assistance of the custom chiefs, the pastors and community leaders to work closely with the Vanuatu Police Force in spreading the awareness against the drug.

“Police will deal with anyone who is found to be either cultivating, harvesting, selling, or smoking marijuana,” says Inspector Morris Seule.

The quantity and the street value of the drug carried by the woman in police custody were not revealed by police.

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