Will Smith at Tanna Airport. Photo: Samuel Numake

One of the world’s most iconic actors, Will Smith has arrived yesterday in Tanna to shoot a geographical film at the Mt. Yasur Volcano.

Will Smith is a name recognizable to many, the American actor has been nominated for five Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards and has won four Grammy Awards.

For those who are familiar with National Geographic Network on Netflix, Will Smith is host to an American television documentary series – Our Strange Rock — which explores the fragility and wonder of planet Earth.

The 10-part cinematic event series released its first season on March 26 last year.

The nature documentary has executive producers, Darren Aronofsky from the award-winning team of ‘Black Swan’ and producer Jane Root from ‘America the Story of US.’

Reports say the National Geographic has announced 81 million people worldwide have watched at least part of One Strange Rock, making it the channel’s fourth-most-watched series globally.

It has also been informed that Season two of One Strange Rock is scheduled to begin filming in February, it is said to premiere sometime in 2019.

Kizzy Kalsakau from Buzz FM96.3 was fortunate to reach the Chief Executive Officer of Entani Company, Sowany Joseph Matou, for an exclusive phone interview on the arrival of the American born star.

Mr Matou confirmed that discussions on the arrival of team began three months ago, around August. The crew on the other hand, had already arrived last week awaiting Mr Smith’s arrival.

He added the organisers had disclosed Will Smith’s name during consultations saying, “we will receive actors who will arrive to film under the International Geography Program.

“We are so fortunate to receive the presence of such a talented and influential actor.”

CEO Matou said the actor will be staying for 2-days on the island.

Mr Matou said they provide the best tours in the South Pacific and to receive an A-plus celebrity is a favourable boost for TAFEA tourism and Vanuatu.

“We hope to receive more celebrities in the future.”

Entani is a Ni-Vanuatu owned business and is the sole operator of tours to the rim of Mt. Yasur Volcano on Tanna Island.

Tanna Island is unquestionably attracting celebrities and making Vanuatu known to the world. Let’s not forget the famous Chinese actor, Jackie Chan who arrived in Vanuatu to visit Tanna for a film shoot on 2012.

Also, there is the first-ever Australian-Ni-Vanuatu film set on the island entitled – ‘Tanna.’

The movie was nominated with an Academy Award for Best International Feature Film, an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film, AACTA Award for Best Original Music Score and with a Special Mention for Feature-length Fiction Film.

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