Wet weather may continue

Continuous rain for a few consecutive days or a week is a blessing to many as it helps the crops grow.

On the other hand it is also annoying to many as it prevents clothes from being dry and makes the roads muddy or slippery which at times can cause havoc for many of us.

For the past three days there has been continuous rain throughout the country. According to Anthony Wong, a forecaster from the Vanuatu Meteorological Service, as Vanuatu is expecting a La Nina to form, these are signs of the likely La Nina. Wong says the country expecting a clear weekend.

“For the past few days, a lot of you may have noticed that the rain was heavy for a few minutes up to an hour and then dissipated to minor showers and later became heavy again.

“This is due to the huge cloud band that we have over our islands,” Wong says.

He explains that the wind determines everything as the wind pushes the clouds to dissipate rain over certain areas then it moves away as the wind picks up.

The young forecaster says at the moment there is a trough lying across Vanuatu, contributing to the continuous rainfall, he points out that there is a high pressure system south of New Caledonia which could clear up things if it strengthens and pushes north, however he says another trough is expected mid next week, therefore more showers are expected next week.

More troughs and low pressure systems are expected during this rainy season which is also cyclone season.

With the persisting bad weather, people in low lying areas such as low coastal and flood plains including river sides, to take extra precautions as there is a possibility of flooding.

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