Overjoyed Chairman Nafuki shows how he feels among roses

An overjoyed Chairman of West Papua Association and Reconciliation Committee, Pastor Alan Nafuki has chosen to pose with beautiful rose flowers because he says his heart is filled with joy, now that the Prime Minister has told the United Nations General Assembly in New York last week, that the people of West Papua have their right to self -determination.

The Chairman is speaking on behalf of the chiefs, men, women’s organisations and young people’s organisations and children, to thank the Head of Government for his unweaving stand to address the global body against what Indonesia is reported to be doing to the Melanesian people of West Papua. “I wish to thank the Government and all civil societies on behalf of my Committee, for supporting West Papua 100% to achieve self-determination from Indonesia”, he says.

“I congratulate the Prime Minister for your efforts to make Vanuatu well known all over the world in the same spirit as uttered by the late Father Walter Lini, that Vanuatu would not be completely free until all the remaining colonies in the Pacific are free”, he says.

“I also wish to thank Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manase Sogavare for taking an equally strong stand in support of the people of West Papua to be free from Indonesian rule. Thank you to Tuvalu the smallest country in the Pacific and Tonga for supporting our international call to the world to hear us and recognise our call for the people of West Papua to achieve self-determination at the earliest opportunity”.

He says the momentum is building up towards a new international dawn for the people of West Papua. At the beginning, it was just Vanuatu and more recently the Solomons joined the stand to tell the world that West Papua must be free. “Now I am so happy to note that even countries of the African Union and European Union are in the process of joining our ranks to unite with one voice for the people of West Papua to be set free from colonialism”, he adds.

In reply, the Government of Indonesia maintains that West Papua is an internal issue for Indonesia to deal with while Melanesian countries have their own problems in their respective corners to deal with.

But Chairman Nafuki says now Jakarta knows that the pressure is on. “Indonesia can turn to the left or to the right but there is no way out. Vanuatu has already outmaneuvered Indonesia in many meetings”, he maintains.

“Our consistent call for West Papua to be set free goes on because the bird is free and flying still until it perches at its destination. Lest we forget that the bird’s next is safe here in Vanuatu.

“My Committee and I were filled with joy when Vanuatu’s special envoy on West Papua, MP Johnny Koanapo assured us that West Papua’s Case no longer belongs to the Pacific because it has now become a global issue. Praise God”.

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