Wanfuteng Bank Welcomes Wilmaraia Vocor

Ms Wilmaria Vocor Photo: Supplied

Wanfuteng Bank has announced the appointment of Wilmaraia Vocor as General Manager of the bank.

Vocor joins Wanfuteng Bank from Air Vanuatu, where she has been working for the last year as General Manager of Human Resources.

Previously, she built her career at ANZ over a period of fourteen years in Vanuatu, Kiribati, Australia and Fiji, where she covered numerous roles including the Head of Retail, Acting Chief Executive Officer in Vanuatu and Kiribati and concluding her career as the first Ni-Vanuatu Chief Operating Officer.

She will be reporting to Catherine Le Bourgeois, Wanfuteng Bank’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Wanfuteng Bank focuses on understanding customer needs and providing efficient solutions that work for them, already delivering these services for a lot of Ni-Vanuatu.

“Wanfuteng Bank’s strategy to both lead and accelerate this approach in the market is attractive to our clients and as a soon-to-be employee,” said Wilmaraia Vocor.

“We are positioned for continued growth in an industry that is evolving and it is an exciting time to be part of the Wanfuteng family, an already dynamic team,” she said. Catherine Le Bourgeois said, “I am delighted to welcome Wilmaraia to the role of General Manager.

“Her expertise in banking, management, and human resources will be a welcome addition to the organisation.

“She has the kind of knowledge that any bank would strive for.”

Ms Vocor will take over the General Manager position this July 2020.

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