Waisisi road to be cemented: Ngwele

Minister Ngwele when addressing communities in Waisisi

Photo: Antoine Malsungai

Around 1,000 people living at Waisisi area on East Tanna have again made a call to the government on failed promises made by former governments in relation to their 1.8 kilometer road that starts from Dip Point to the coastal village of Waisisi.

During his recent visit to Tanna, Minister for Public Utilities, Jay Ngwele, heard that the promise made by former governments has been repeated many times but never fulfilled.

Community leaders said the area is supplying fish to the local market on Tanna and abroad but the cry for a new renovated road has been too long while the population has also increased over the past years.

“This project of the road has been an agenda for past governments only to get support for political gains but it was never addressed as well as the project of the wharf of Waisisi,” Explained community leader Barnabas Tausi.

On his address to the community, Mr Ngwele said that he knows that the idea has been sleeping for years but there is a good potential for people at Waisisi because of the fish they are providing in the local market.

Ngwele said the government will consider the request once again and will work to put concrete slap on the 1.8 kilometer road.

“For the wharf, we will talk again on the issue when the road is fixed – the wharf cannot be realized if the road is still not renovated,” explained Mr Ngwele.

The minister has already made some approaches by instructing the Public Works Department Division on Tanna to scope the road of Waisisi and exchanges on the issue has already been raised with World Bank officials for funding the project.

According to the Chairman of the feeder road taskforce committee, Port Vila MP, Anthony Harry, once the road is complete before the end of the years, works will start with the wharf of Waisisi.

It is understood, more than 20 tourist boats have already been to Waisisi which is much closer to the Yasur volcano

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