Vureas needs more computers

Vureas students sing in church during devotion

St. Patrick’s Vureas Secondary School Computer Lab in North East Ambae needs six new computers.

This is a request made by the School Principal after devotion in St. Patrick’s Church as the students sang to welcome a 24-member high level Government delegation led by the Minister of Trade, Tourism, Cooperatives, Commerce and Industry, James Bule, to the school on his first official visit to his constituency.

The Minister acknowledged the school as one of the prominent academic institutions in the country which nurtured some of the first pioneers towards the country’s Independence struggle.

The Principal said the school has a computer lab which is short of a number of new computers.

She said she is hopeful that the Government would assist with six new computers for the school.

The Minister’s team took note of the request to convey it to the relevant authorities on their return to Port Vila.

Vureas is the brainchild of a once notorious cannibal chief who was said to have gone to meet an Anglican missionary who sailed into Lolowai Bay.

He was reported to have asked to be baptized along with his warriors.

The missionary was reported to have asked him as a prerequisite to cease his killings and cannibalism and polygamous ways.

The deal was said to have been reached. According to reliable sources Kwatu was baptized and named William.

Out of gratitude Chief William Kwatu said as a sign of good faith, he gave all the land from Saratamata, Lolowai and Vureas to the Anglican Missionary and asked three things in return; for the church leader to build a school, a hospital and a ‘nakamal’ of peace.

Based on the chief’s request, the Anglican Church built Vureas School, Lolowai Hospital and the third is still debated today as to what the chief really meant. Did he mean a local government or an area council of chiefs or something totally different? Perhaps we’ll never know.

The chief’s descendants are alive today and are still active in the church as well as in local government.

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