Wednesday July 21, 2021 marked the handover of a VT50 million grant from the Government to the Vanuatu Christian Council (VCC).

The Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr. Gregoire Nimbtik stated; “The Government is showing its commitment with the increased amount it is granting VCC. The agreement allows this grant to be given to VCC so that it may be administered and provide support to denominations under VCC.”

DG Nimbtik says peace and unity is the foundation of all development in the world today.

“A country without peace and unity cannot experience any development. The surge in violence, number of incarcerated youth and lack of respect for leaders is indication that our moral standards are deteriorating.

“The Government has many leaders that were raised in the church or church-run institutions in the sense of principles, morals, values. This partnership with VCC is a framework around how to rebuild our moral standards to maintain the same moral and values of our elders before us.”

The Secretary General of VCC, Pastor Shem Temar expressed, “the State and church are essential and cannot function separately from each other to ensure that as a country we display the qualities that our country is founded on — Long God Yumi Stanap/ In God We Stand.”

Pastor Temar and Father William Bice shared that from 2019-2020 the Government granted VCC VT20 million in total. This was used to meet two core objectives — to strengthen VCC and also its network, centred around administration its work.

“The increase from VT10 million to VT50 million is necessary in order to meet the new objectives that the Government has for VCC, outlined in the ‘Government and Church Partnership Program Framework’,” Pastor Temar concluded.

“VCC will use these funds to carry out programs to meet the objectives.”

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