Vt1.7 billion Extra Budget

The First Ordinary Session of Parliament in June will discuss a Bill for the Supplementary Appropriation to be tabled by the Minister of Finance and Economic Management, Gaetan Pikioune, to obtain approval and authorization of Parliament for additional funds totaling Vt1,778,259,400.

Clause 1 of the Bill requires the appropriation of an additional amount of Vt1,778,259,400 under Section 34 of the Public Finance and Economic Management Act (CAP 244).

The country’s hosting of Van2017 Pacific Mini Games in December will received the largest share of the amount – Vt149,030,000 for Van2017 Operational Budget and Vt350,930,000 will go towards Team Vanuatu and Facility Upgrade Budget.

The Prime Minister’s Ministry will receive Vt46,426,000 – Vt26,426,000 for Parliamentary Secretary Payment Budget and Vt20 million for Parliamentary Secretary Operation Budget.

The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports will receive Vt177,713,100 with Vt149,030,000 for Van2017 Operational Budget, Vt23,683,100 for Parliamentary Secretary (PS) Pay Budget and Vt5 million for Parliamentary Operational Budget.

The Ministry of Health will receive Vt28,683,000 – Vt23,683,100 for Parliamentary Secretary’s pay and Vt5 million for PS Operation Budget.

The Ministry of Finance’s supplementary budget is Vt1,072,820,400 with Vt23,683,100 for PS’s pay and Vt5 million for PS Operational Budget, Vt350,970,000 for Team Vanuatu and facility upgrade, Vt90,000,000 for Bauerfield Airport extension, Vt143,667,300 for Vanuatu’s outstanding membership to international organizations, Vt20 million for ACP/EU meeting, Vt274.5 million for scholarship top-up, Vt12 million for commission of inquiry, Vt100 million for Department of Customs and Inland Revenue modernization, and Vt53 million for Government rescue to industrial forest plantations.

The Judiciary will receive Vt50,624,200 with Vt35,926,300 for GRT payment adjustment including LOLA, gratuitity and localized positions, Vt12,197,900 for GRT payment adjustments including housing allowances.

Public Prosecution will receive Vt37,210,400 with Vt17,210,400 for GRT adjustments including allowances and Vt20 million for PPO extension.

State Law Office will receive Vt45,848,200 for GRT determination.

The Ministry of Lands, Water and Minerals will receive Vt8 million for Department of Water budget top up.

The Ministry of Justice and Social Welfare will get Vt5,154,800 with Vt2.5 million for cabinet operation budget and Vt2,654,800 for Organizational Performance Coordinator.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been budgeted Vt152,479,200 to go towards overseas mission staffing and operation budget.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biodiversity will receive Vt130.3 million to go toward: CSU payroll top up – Vt12 million, CSU legal cost – Vt10 million, Agriculture payroll top up – Vt15 million, Agriculture operational top up – Vt12 million, Forestry payroll top up – Vt5.3 million, Fisheries operational top up – Vt35 million, Biodiversity payroll and operational top up – Vt8 million, Livestock payroll top up Vt3 million and Livestock Operational top up – Vt30 million.

The Ministry of Climate Change will get Vt8 million for the minister to attend UNFCCC, COP23 and other conferences and meetings – Vt5 million and Operational Budget for CSU and Cabinet – Vt3 million.

The Ministry of Education will receive Vt8 million to support Technical Vocational Education and Training Operations.

Finally, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, Industry and Cooperative will get Vt7 million with Vt2 million for Cabinet operations and Vt5 million for Cooperative support towards Agri-Tourism.

Altogether, a total of Vt1,778,259,400 for Government’s Supplementary Budget 2017 will be tabled in parliament.

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: jonas@dailypost.vu. Cell # 678 5460922

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