Vt160 million projects on airport facilities upgrade commences

Works has commenced towards renovation of Airport Terminal. Photo: Christophe Dinh Construction/Facebook

Two separate projects to refurbish the Airport Terminal and Airport Warehouse have commenced this week.

The total costs for both projects is approximately Vt160 million and it is fully funded by Airports Vanuatu Limited (AVL).

Earlier this week, Airports Vanuatu Limited representatives signed two separate contracts with local contractors, namely Island Construction and Christophe Dinh Construction who were awarded the tenders to undertake the renovation works.

Christophe Dihn Construction will be renovating the Terminal while Island Construction will work on the Warehouse. The two contractors also contracted two consultants which is Cyrille Mainguy and Harold Qualao to manage and supervise works for the airport facilities upgrade. Marc Loisel, Director of Construction Project Management Vanuatu (CPMV) is the overall project engineer whose role is to manage the overall project and will be supported by the two consultants.

The project will include expansion of the terminal to allow processing of passengers more effectively and allocate more rooms to deal with them. It also comes with new facilities, including toilets and change rooms, lounges and so forth.

The two contractors have given approximately two months to do the job, hopefully before the Mini Games in December.

Adrian Sinclair, Acting AVL Director said they are putting pressure on the construction companies to try as much as possible to complete all works in the right standard within the given time-frame. He said if they needed to double shifts, they would have to do it.

Sinclair highlighted that the upgrade of the terminal is needed as a runway available is expected to be in place early next year. All these projects are part of an overall policy of going forward.

It’s about what AVL can do to improve the airport looks but also to attract more tourists into the country. It is also providing the opportunity for Air Vanuatu to grow and hopefully in the future provide infrastructure for Air Vanuatu, such as administration areas and catering areas.

The completion of the project will see significant improvements to the airport as well as provide positive results towards the country’s economy.

According to Sinclair, there is also work being planned for Pekoa Airport on Santo and Whitegrass airport on Tanna.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by Members of the Board of AVL and representatives of contract recipients.

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