Vt200 million for VCAP in 2018

VCAP board after recent meeting on Pentecost

Vanuatu Coastal Adaptation Project (VCAP), one of the climate change projects making a genuine difference in communities has announced its budget for next year.

Over Vt224 million has been approved by the project board members during a two-day meeting at Waterfall in South Pentecost.

The purpose of the recent board meeting was to hear the updates of the activities undertaken in 2017.

Coordinators of the various project component from the Department of Local Authorities, Public Works Department, Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Department, Fisheries and Communication were there to present outputs.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Resilience and Sustainale Development Team Leader in Vanuatu, Kevin Petrini, is very pleased with the successful implementation of VCAP so far.

He conveyed: “VCAP has been doing excellent work with the implementation of its activities and I am very impressed with the project outcome.”

UNDP is providing finance for VCAP with assistance from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) through the Least Developed Countries Fund.

While on Pentecost, VCAP board members visited the project sites on Pentecost , starting from Waterfall to Batnapni, to Lolwok and from there to Onlaba.

The site inspection includes a 1.5-kilometer road pavement at Vansemakul, construction of a climate proof building and drilling site at Batnapni and a six-kilometer road upgrade at Vanrewrep to Tansip.

Board members comprises of the Director General of the Ministry of Climate Change, Jessie Benjamin, UNDP’s Petrini and Program Analyst, Donald Wouleseje, Director of Forestry, DLA, Fisheries, Project Management Unit (PMU) Project Manager, Brian Philips, VCAP Project Manager, Jackson Tambe and Coordinators as well as staff. VCAP Project is the flagship in Vanuatu as well as the region in terms of all UNDP projects,said Wouleseje from UNDP.

He thanked Project Manager Tambe for his leadership and team members for hard work.

VCAP started in 2015 and will take up to five years to complete at an overall cost of Vt800 million.

VCAP aims to build community resilience against climate change and natural disasters through improved infrastructure, sustained livelihoods and increased food production.

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