VP Efate RCC Chairman welcomes Emua supporters

Emua propose candidate Lango presented a mat to RCC Chairman Elmo Joseph

Arden Lango from Emua Village in North Efate will contest in the 2021 provincial election under the affiliation of Vanua’aku Party (VP).

A ceremony took place, last weekend at Emua Village, where Mr. Lango and his supporter performed a ceremony to affiliate under the VP and work for the next upcoming provincial election.

Mr. Lango and his supporter were politically affiliated with Leaders Party Vanuatu and elected the former Members of Parliament late Jerry Kanas and Edwin Kalorisu.

But this time they decided to join their “mama” political party.

After independence to 2012, the village was a stronghold of VP led by late former Prime Minister Donald Kalpokas until after the national election of 2012 when voters decided to affiliate with different political parties.

While the provincial election is fast approaching, proposed candidate Lango, chiefs and some members of the community decided to switch affiliation.

Their decision was warmly welcomed by the VP Chairman of Efate Regional Coordinating Committee, Joseph Elmo.

“I am very happy to welcome you all to Efate VP, under the “Kambak Policy” of the party and i can assure you all that your candidate will contest under that affiliation,” Elmo said.

For around 12 years before the 2020 General Election, VP did not have support or a representative inside the parliament since 2008, when VP had an elected Member of Parliament, Bakoa Kaltonga.

Since the general election of 2012 until 2020 no representative was elected, until this year north Efate have one representative inside the parliament, who is MP John Mark Ruben.

MP Ruben also acknowledged the people of Emua’s decision to join their team.

“Now is the time to work, prepare the groundworks and get ready for the provincial election, i remembered my campaign here in your village and many questions were raised about the party but now I am happy that some of you will finally join me and the party,” MP Ruben said.

The First Political Advisor to the prime minister, chief John Timakata (who represented PM Loughman), said he will convey the message to the prime minister and encourage everyone to work hard to revive the party in their village and nearby villages.

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