22 VP candidates for GE2020

Banner of VP congress at South East Ambrym in 2018

With only seven months left before the dissolution of the 11th legislature in January 2020, political parties are preparing the ground works for their candidates ready for the national General Election (GE).

Vanua’aku Pati (VP)’s Media officer, Fred Vurobaravu, said 22 names have been endorsed at the 40th VP congress recently held in Benabo village, South East Ambrym.

“The congress has endorsed the names of candidates to contest the national election in all constituencies,” Vurobaravu said.

VP vice president Esmon Saimon who is the current Speaker of Parliament said the number could increase to 23 candidates since Malekula VP region is increasing rapidly and they could add an additional candidate in Malekula constituency to a total of four.

Names endorsed for Malekula constituency are: Speaker Saimon, Diana Willy and Pastor Kaltaliu Simeon. The name of one extra candidate for this constituency will be announced shortly.

The VP National Executive has appointed Jerry Niatu as the National Coordinator, to strengthen the coordination of the party policies.

The VP continues to implement its ‘Kambak’ (comeback) Policy throughout the country which appears to have a positive response throughout the country. It was launched during the recent congress on Ambrym.

VP gained a total of 13,463 votes in the last election and led the GE2016, followed by the Union of Moderate Parties with a total of votes of 10,999 and the Graon mo Jastis Pati came third with 8,376 votes.

The total national registered voters was 200,159.

The political party, now 48 years old, was established primarily to speak out for the political independence of the New Hebrides that became the Republic of Vanuatu on July 30, 1980.

It fulfilled its primary role and continues to remain one of the oldest and largest single political party in the country.

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