Vanuatu Liberal Movement

Part of the 400 delegates including Vanuatu Liberal Movement President Gaetan Pikioune

The President of the Vanuatu Liberal Movement, Gaetan Pikioune, says the change that people of Vanuatu need to fully realize economic and social prosperity is to seriously pay attention and heed the voice of the people.

“The leaders of this country must not take the voice of the people of Vanuatu lightly.

“The leaders must have the full respect for the people.

“They must understand how people struggle daily to survive economically.

“We must have equal share of the wealth of our nation.

“Let the people’s voice be heard and be respected,” the President of the VLM told the 400 political delegates at the party’s congress.

This is the first Vanuatu Liberal Movement congress after the political movement was launched by the Minister of Finance Gaetan Pikioune, in 2018 where he became the political movement’s president.

A series of custom ceremonies were performed by custom chiefs including a custom ceremony performed by the Party President, Gaetan Pikioune, to the South-East Santo Council of Chiefs and accepted by chief Tom Valele, for the political congress to be staged in South East Santo areas.

Mr Pikioune was accorded a chiefly walk to the venue which is the grand traditional nakamal of Mr. Pikioune, where custom ceremonies were performed for the congress to take place.

The delegates at the congress come from the islands of Efate, Malekula, Ambrym, Pentecost, Ambae, Torba and around the island of Santo and the offshore islands.

“We are today witnessing the cry of the people for the changes long awaited for.

“The delegates present signify the voice of the people. We are to hear your voice.

“This congress is to allow your voices to be heard and to respond to your and our concerns through policies we need for the changes in economic and social approaches long awaited for,” says Mr. Pikioune as he addressed the congress.

On day one, the congress unanimously elected Mr. Vatoko, the Shefa Provincial Council President as the Chairman of the first Vanuatu Liberal Movement congress.

The congress aims to vote and accept the names of the proposed candidates for the 2020 national general elections.

The congress is also set to endorse names for the Luganville Municipal elections this year.

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