World-renowned multinational telecommunication Brand Vodafone with the largest 4G+ network is now in Vanuatu.

TVL Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Barlen Lutchmoodoo has officially announced the exchange of brands from Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) to Vodafone Vanuatu, as effective from yesterday.

Due to the current situation of COVID-19, TVL management has decided to only do a press conference for the Vodafone Vanuatu Launch.

As a caring organization, the CEO has reaffirmed Vodafone’s commitment to support different communities during this difficult time. In addition, Vodafone will make available Vt1 Million to reinforce preventive measures against COVID-19.

Vodafone Vanuatu, a subsidiary of the Amalgamated Telecom Holding Limited (ATH), has built a strong future proof network with latest 4G LTE technology.

“At Vodafone, we build products and services of the future to empower the people of Vanuatu and make their dreams a reality,” said CEO Lutchmoodoo.

“Vodafone Vanuatu will bring transformational changes to assist the 280,000 population within the digital economy and will enable the vision of Digital Vanuatu.”

It has created an eco-system comprising of network, devices, applications and content, service experience and affordable tariffs for everyone to live the Vodafone Vanuatu Digital Life.

“Vodafone continues to explore new boundaries in the mobile telecommunications realm and will bring to all Ni-Vanuatu, the next level of mobile innovation.”

This new telecommunication service strives to be a world-class organization with continuous improvements in the organization’s work systems and will process delivering services and solutions to our subscribers in Vanuatu.

CEO Lutchmoodoo added, “we are committed to help our customers and partners discover new experiences and possibilities in the ever-changing technological world.

“Across all our businesses, we are inspired by the change around the globe using the latest technology and we look forward to bring the best that suit the Vanuatu environment.

• “Vodafone positions itself as the one-stop shop in Vanuatu, our portfolio provides mobile solutions, fixed line telephony, fiber technology, WAN, LAN, IPLC solution, PABX and hospitality tailored solutions that are designed to fit your budget and business with exclusive Call Centre Customer 247 service.

“Our core values rest on innovation, customer excellence, creativity, professionalism, quality of service and lead the market by being highly competitive.

“We not only connect people with technology but also through sports, music, health, social awareness and various community development programs that will build stronger and healthier communities.

“We want our people to be pioneers. Together we hope to inspire the world and create the future.”

TVL was established back in 1978 with a vision to create a World Class Connected future for the People and the Businesses in Vanuatu.

ATH group later acquired TVL in March 2017. During the same year, TVL was the first to launch 4G+ and now in March 2020 the nationwide deployment of 4G+ is complete. The total investment during the past three years is USD20 million.

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