Vodafone Announces Independence Sales and Promotion Deals

Vodafone Vanuatu has announced its participation in sponsoring for the Children’s Day event as well as the 40th Anniversary Independence celebration.

With massive sales and promotion deals, the renowned international brand has announced its latest independence package deals with 40% off discounts.

Yesterday during a press conference at the Vodafone Flagship shop in town, the company launched the Fiber Ultra Speed Home Offer which offers ultra-speed internet for homes up to 10Mbps with free accessible internet from 10PM-6AM daily.

Special promotions include the ‘My Vanuatu Pack’ which delivers smartphones at affordable prices with 1 year free communication, this promotion is only available on the sim that comes with the phone.

There is also the Independence Draw which varies in light of our independence theme — ‘Prosperity for Self-Reliance and Resilient Future.’ Lucky prizes include: Solar kit, Agriculture tool kit, fishing kit and building materials.

To enter the draw, a customer must: refill from Vt500 or above, buy a WAO Data pack from Vt400 and above or buy an All in Wan pack from 250 and above.

Also included is the Mobile Postpaid Double Volume, which doubles the volume for the first three months with 100% more data, tok and SMS.

Vodafone gives an opportunity to its customer to have 40% more Data on WAO Data plans, 40% on Net calls and SMS in WAN plans and 40% more Data on Mifi plans many days this month for the 40th Anniversary of Vanuatu.

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