VNPF To Open Medical Centre

Minister Koanapo announced plans for VNPF to open a medical centre in town during the opening of the VNPF Plaza. Photo: Kizzy Kalsakau

The Minister of Finance, Johnny Koanapo, responsible for the Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) has revealed plans for VNF to open a private medical centre in its own former Post Office property in town.

VNPF has already finalised discussion with the Port Vila Private Medical Centre as the providers, said Minister Koanapo.

Members of the Fund will be able to do coronavirus tests in this medical centre and this will also help people to be vigilant against the coronavirus crisis, he said during the recent opening of the VNPF Plaza.

Apart from the medical centre, Minister Koanapo announced that VNPF has started its Low Cost Housing initiative on Tanna after its launch in Santo last year.

VNPF is implementing the Low Cost Housing initiative with the National Bank of Vanuatu (NBV). It is similar to NBV 'Isi Haos Project'.

Members of the Fund will benefit from affordable housing structures designed to withstand cyclones, earthquakes and heavy volcanic ash fall.

Houses will be fitted with solar power systems and a 3000-litre water tank, and will have access to an underground well. 

Minister Koanapo said the Low Cost Housing on Tanna will be launched next week

Construction of the VNPF Branch Office by Island Construction Company in Tanna is progressing very well and should open in September this year.

The building is expected to house a new branch of NBV and a doctor's clinic to link its services to the Members Medical Scheme. 

Tanna VNPF Building is the first priority to be owned by VNPF on Tanna. VNPF has been renting an office space since establishing on Tanna in 2009.

VNPF membership has grown steadily in Tanna in the last three years.

The establishment of its own office is due to the increase in employers and staff to serve members and implement activities and projects.

In the last three years, VNPF has progressed at a very steady rate to a definite path with positive outcomes, Minister Koanapo said when addressing officials during the VNPF Plaza opening.

VNPF Plaza has become the new home for the Central Vila Police Station. 

The Central Vila Police Station has moved into the facility under a lease agreement between the VNPF Board and the Vanuatu Police Force.

This was realized after an extensive search for temporary space as the current central police building opposite Eric Wong Store in town is deemed unsafe.

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