VNPF Launches Mobile Service

The Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) will launch its new Mobile Service 9AM-4PM on Friday 20 November at Manples market in Port Vila.

The Mobile Service is part of the VNPF’s initiative to encourage informal sector workers to become voluntary members and save for retirement.

The informal sector includes market vendors, house girls, gardeners, handicraftsmen, farmers, fishermen and other workers that are not formally employed.

Services will be provided from a VNPF-branded bus, which will be connected to VNPF systems and able to deposit money directly into member accounts, with a receipt issued on the spot.

The Mobile Service will visit villages in other islands of Vanuatu in the coming months to encourage informal sector workers in rural areas.

These members will be able to continue to pay into their VNPF accounts into the future by visiting any rural branch of the National Bank of Vanuatu (NBV).

In addition to the benefit of having savings for retirement, members will also be able to access VNPF social benefits, such as loans, Special Death Benefit and soon medical insurance and house insurance to help cover cyclone-related damages.

Where members can no longer work due to personal injury, they can also access their savings to help them during this time.

To become a member of VNPF, you can visit the Mobile Service at Manples market to register and receive a free gift. Existing members and employers can also visit the mobile service to make their monthly contributions.

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